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Safe-Guarding Your Business From Employee Theft

If you are a business owner/manager then you must know importance of putting into place proper precautions in order to avoid theft. Theft isn’t always committed by strangers breaking in; in some cases businesses experience a loss of possessions by the hands of the employees. Here are a few tips to deter employee theft and burglaries.

Employee theft

Employee theft is generally defined as the act of stealing or misusing an employer’s assets without expressed or implied permission. In most situations, we as business owners tend to overlook the security background checks during employee selection. In order to restrict employee theft it is important to follow strict protocols to avoid persons of potential liability. One main check that can be introduced to the pre-employment screening is a national police clearance. This essentially will give you access to the police records of the job candidate, if any. Conducting random drug tests and keeping your employees informed will also reduce the possibility if you hiring users, thereby opening opportunities to harm your business. Most importantly, having strict rules of conduct and regulations to be adhered to and having bodies of authority present at all times will restrict employee theft as much as possible.

The Burglaries

Burglary is the illegal entry to a premise with the intention of theft. As important as it is to deter employee theft, it is just as important to have high standards of security around your business premises. One of the main installations you can do is to install a security system. A monitored security alarm system essentially comprises of cameras, alarms, and authorised entry panels for entrances and exits. Having an alarm system that is directly linked to either your mobile phone and transmissions to emergency contacts such as the police will make it easier for you to protect your office/building premise. In addition to an alarm system, you can also take extra precautions with installing new reliable locks. Having strong doors and door frames makes it harder for easy access by uninvited persons. In order to prohibit unwanted access you can put in lock systems which will allow entrances only by passcodes, thereby further ensuring safety.

Moreover, having document cabinets and fire proof safes will give you assurance that your important documents are kept safe in a worst case scenario. Informing your employees to always file important documents in assigned cabinets and maintaining a safe to hold crucial items will ensure that in the case of an inevitable emergency, items/legal/documents of utmost importance are kept safe and secure.